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Warranty Certificate:
Sun Flare LED Warranty Effective November 2013 (B)
1a. Warranty Period: Sun Flare LED warrants LED lamps manufactured or imported by it, provided it is still owned and operated
by the original purchaser, to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, for a period of
five (5) years (excluding 2D Lamps, Flood Lights and products specified by a customer which are outside its standard product
range as illustrated on the Company’s website at www.sunflareled.com for which the warranty remains three (3) years) from
the date of delivery to the original Purchaser.
1b. In the event of a claim under this warranty it is the responsibility of the claimant to supply the following data pertaining to
the alleged faulty product:
– date on which the lamp was purchased
– proof of purchase
1c. Definition of a Defective Lamp: If a lamp supplied by Sun Flare LED fails to work to L70 compliance to 30000 hours and/or
the lamp does not turn on and/or the lamp flickers it has deemed to have failed under the terms of this warranty.
2. Activation of Warranty: warranty coverage will not be considered active until the customer takes possession of the
equipment. Where an Sun Flare LED distributor sells equipment to a third party, the warranty will be considered active when
the third party takes possession of the equipment or twelve months after the distributor or trader takes possession of the
equipment – whichever occurs first.
3. What is covered: during the warranty period as specified above Sun Flare LED will replace any defective lamp at Sun Flare
LED’s sole discretion. Prior to supplying any replacement lamp it is the responsibility of the claimant to advise Sun Flare LED of:
– The nature of the problem
– The date on which Sun Flare LED supplied the lamp in question
– The invoice/receipt pertaining to the lamp purchase
4. What is not covered?
A) Faulty installation.
B) Performance below L70 compliance after 3 years.
C) Excessive power surges.
D) Act of God / Force Majeure
E) Any damage caused by the failure of any supporting hardware not supplied by Sun Flare LED.
F) Installation and/or re-installation costs.
G) Any labor charges, travel time charges, or mileage charges associated with a warranty item.
H) Shipping costs back to Sun Flare LED.
This warranty does not apply to any failure of product due to alterations, modifications, misuse, abuse, neglect, accident,
improper maintenance or installation, use of parts not supplied by Sun Flare LED, failure to operate and use the product in
accordance with the instructions provided in the original box and CUL electrical wiring standards. Instructions supplied with the
product or failure to otherwise meet manufacturer’s specifications, or if the barcode/serial number has been removed, altered
or defaced from original packaging.
5. Procedure for Requesting a Replacement under this Warranty: In the event of a problem covered under this warranty, the
customer must first contact:
The immediate supplying party and request authorization for products to be replaced at Sun Flare LED’s discretion, provided
product(s) are returned freight prepaid to the immediate supplying party. Any payment due from the Purchaser