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Water Supply is an innovative technology solution that allows modules integrated irrigation management at the highest levels of efficiency, where one of his main strengths is the measurement of agricultural water use under the spending-time technique in which you can find anytime spending hydro network at different points such as larger network, lateral, sublateral, farms, pumps, etc., fulfilling one of the main objectives for water saving policies such as the measurement.

Major Benefits
Wear appropriate user management and payment of the contracted services.
Electronic invoicing integrated administrative module.
Carrying an efficient administrative control of water supply service to users.
Register of updated shots, georeferenced and linked to the premises to which the service is given.
Register with precision the different events in both the opening and closing service, using satellite positioning technology to its location, this with a next-generation device (handheld).
Check the type of crop georeferenced images using photography plantings at the time of providing the service.
Get accurate and timely process information, such as total hectares for irrigation service, activities canaleros, Statistical volume of water provided, payment status, among others.
Show statistics between planting cycles, types of crops, opening and closing activities of the service.
Provide information of statistical indicators for consultation and executive decision making.
Spending-time measurement at all points of the hydro network.
A wide range of reports for management module as well as those requested by official institutions.