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freeze drying technology (lyophilization)


Freeze-drying is a process of preserving food by a sudden freeze called IQF, then subjected to negative pressure in a chamber specially designed to achieve a phenomenon called sublimation, achieving a product that surpasses the traditional conditions of food consumption

The process involves:

1. sudden freezing of food.
2. Removing the water by sublimation food.

Freeze-drying can be applied to various products such as egg, potato, soybean, mango, strawberry, melon, white and yellow maize, tomato, shrimp, fish, red and white meats, coffee and others.

A plant of this nature has the capacity to supply food according to the needs and allows modular growth.

Facilities and equipment of this plant are Federal Inspection Type (TIF) exceeding the specifications of the USDA / FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and the regulations of SAGARPA in Mexico, with respect for human consumption.

Elimination of the cold chain.

Lyophilized food without water, requires no refrigeration for storage or transport, there is also no possibility of microbial growth in the absence of water.

No loss of vitamins, proteins and other properties in consumption.

The process preserves these properties to remove only water “dissolved”, not nutrients.

It poses no risk to health or the environment.

The process does not require the use of chemicals as preservatives or other items involving risk in the process, damage to health or the environment.

Freeze Dried Food

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